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DIC Corporation. is one of Japan's most diversified Multinational companies whose core business is to deliver high quality,safety and innovative products that are tailored to suit diverse wordwide market demands.

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Each year the company expanded and developed its operation and consolidated its position.

As a member of the DIC Group, a leading multinational company manufacturing fine chemicals, DIC Graphics (Thailand) is acutely aware of issues related to the environment, health and safety and of its responsibilities as a corporative citizen by working towards. DIC has established a solid operating foundation in the field of printing inks, organic pigments and synthetic resins. DIC has also applied its extensive essential technologies to expand into a variety of peripheral areas, including electronics and IT materials. Currently, DIC is focusing its efforts on the development of next-generation products that respond to social imperatives

As a prominent provider of printing ink, organic pigments and thermosetting resins in global markets, the DIC Group is taking decisive step to strengthen its international presence and contribution to industry and the communities it serves, through the manufacture of innovative products and introduction of new technologies.

DIC Group

Extensive Global Network: DIC has 176 subsidiaries and affiliates in 63 countries and territories worldwide. (As of December 31, 2014)

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DIC International (Thailand), DIC Color (Thailand) and Dainippon Ink and Chemical (Thailand) are DIC Graphics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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The DIC is a leading diversified ink and chemical manufacturing company.


The DIC Group provides an extensive range of products to customers in a variety of industries: graphic arts materials, industrial materials, packaging materials, electronics and information materials and others.


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DIC Group operates in the four regions worldwide including the PRC, Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas besides Japan where the DIC HQ is located.